Saturday, January 17, 2009

shengri kuaile..2 me..

Its my birthday!!. feel very happy n thanx 2 all yg dh wish n giv a gift..n really thanx 2 my b..4 everything dat have u done 2 me..spent time wif me on my besday..doing wuteva i want on my besday..terharu sgt2..seumo idop xpnh rse besh sgt cmni..thanx again..(^_^)..n sory if i have mke u hurt on 'dat' day..sowie..;(
finally, i've reach 22 years old n getting older day by day..n i hope i will b a better person, can fulfill all my dreams..can fulfill my degree with flying colors..good result + fyp..can make him happy n love me more than i do..can be the best daughter in family..can help my family..i

Sunday, January 4, 2009

~~ edit2 pic ~~

Aishh..edit pic..dlu time2 cuti , xde kje kn, so kte pon mengataikan le jari nie main2 ngan adobe photoshop nie..edit punye edit..lame2 jadi besh le pulok..hehe..actly, kte stat brjinak2 edit pic nie stat knl Mr.**ex le nie..kte edit pic die..die pon edit pic besh..mmg besh..dlu2 reti edit gne paint, kdg2 gne ape eh..lpe..mende, kte bru stat gne adobe nie time blajo multimedia dlu le nie...interesting woo..hehe..k la..juz c da result n comment.(^_^)

So, nie adalah antara pic2 yang kte n dgn kerjasama Mr.**ex edit..ok x?..
Actly, kte je yg ske edit pic nie colorful2,..2 yg mcm2 color nie..die ske black je..huhu..kte xde r terel cm Mr.Zowie n Mr.Alet n Mr. **ex..hehe..diorg mmg expert gne photoshop,..nk blaja, blaja r ngan diorg2 nie..lala..n thanx 2 Mr.**ex yg dh byk ngajor..ckit2..mende nie kne gne creativiti jgk le.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Sbnr nye xbpe slese tompang umh org, nk wat cmne kn..terpakse..huhu..jdi orang nomad jap..mintak2 r dpt kolej isnin nie..huhu..asyik menyusahkan orang je, especially diba, emy, n myb..huhu..sowie le, kalo dri ini menyusahkn anda2 sume..hanya Tuhan yg dpt mambalas jasa tuan hamba sume..hehe..
Sbnr nye, besh gak dok umh nie..leh msk, leh tgk tiwi..bebas kuar blik seske ati sesdap rase..hehe..Sbnr nye, pon besh gak dok kolej, dkt ckit nk ulang alik ke kolej..nk g silat..nk g meting..yuran pon murah..byk facilities..xyh nk nyusahkan org len..

Sbnr nye.....ape eh..
Sbnr nye....dragon ball ade 14 bijik sbnarnye, 7 bijik kt planet nameck, 7 bijik lg kt

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