Saturday, January 17, 2009

shengri kuaile..2 me..

Its my birthday!!. feel very happy n thanx 2 all yg dh wish n giv a gift..n really thanx 2 my b..4 everything dat have u done 2 me..spent time wif me on my besday..doing wuteva i want on my besday..terharu sgt2..seumo idop xpnh rse besh sgt cmni..thanx again..(^_^)..n sory if i have mke u hurt on 'dat' day..sowie..;(
finally, i've reach 22 years old n getting older day by day..n i hope i will b a better person, can fulfill all my dreams..can fulfill my degree with flying colors..good result + fyp..can make him happy n love me more than i do..can be the best daughter in family..can help my family..i

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