Monday, December 28, 2009

EverLast for 2009

Welcome 2010 

Lame gak xpost kn..almaklum le..nk tulis pon kne de mood n idea kn..sbnr nye mmg byk nk cter spnjg xpost entry dh lme ni..sume trbuku dlm kpale je..xpe la..sbb thn 2009 pon dh hampir melabuhkn tirainye,,huhu..kalo nk simpulkn all memories in 2009 mmg yg happy n unhappy..whatever pon..Life Must Go On kn..n so far, Alhamdullillah, kte happy ngn life cm skrg..ngan kje- cam xcaye je I'm become a programmer mcm programmer kn n kje kt Mimos plak, plus relationship - wit Mr.Syahrul Azmeer n family..Hope for da next year will be more adventure n better life for me..Although I'm getting older (becoming sweet 23th)..n still didn't get what actually i dream for..i hope I'll try to strive for it soon..hope so..

Actually, nk tulis kt cni cter psl EverLast..sapetau?..alkesah nye..EverLast ni yelah salah satu brand feveret my Mr.EverDale selain Lonsdale..die mmg ske collect wuteva pon accessories, clothes n etc bout it..kte pon dh 'trminat' sme gak..hehe..(",)..last week besh jgk le shopping EverLast clothes..misi utama adalah utk mncri pezen besday for me..but..brg yg dikehendaki xde..huhu..:-(..agak frust gak..nk2 xdpt..last2, utk mengubati kefrustan e2,..bli gak a couple of maroon gak..i luv it..:-)..i bought 4 u, u bought 4 me..ari 2 mmg besh..rse cm dh lme xhang out together..n shop2..yelah..masing2 dh bz ngan kje..blik kje je pnt..mne de mse nk jln2..kdg kje pon dh len2 time..kdg wekend pon kje..cmne..urmm..wuteva pon..Thanx eh dear 4 da shirt..i luv it..(",)..n here nk wish gak Merry Christmas..hohoho..n Happy New Year all my friends, family n Mr.EverDale..Hope our love will Last forEver..n nEver Last..hehe..btul ke ayat ni..pape je la

Friday, December 4, 2009


Its been a while, since my last post.Actually, I have started busy with my job regarding about my current project that's actually have slow the progress because its near to end of year 2009..But I've be given a task to upgrade for a new version of my project that is 'I2P' where I also don't know the meaning of it..and I have to add a web service security to that project..some sort of coding..although I hate programming..but I still cant run from it because it is my capabilities, my degree..but I really thankful to Allah because of my praying everyday and never give up..finally I got this job and I've started to love it..(",)..for your dream occupation/jobs since I was in primary school were 1) Doctor 2)Lawyer 3)Architect..Every year when my teacher ask me what is my occupation , I will answer all of this three answer..hehe..I know, we still young at that time and all we know only those famous jobs..But, when I entered the secondary school, my ustazah ask me what is my occupation, I'm still answer that three jobs that I loved so much..and then my ustazah said that not good to be a lawyer..and she explained to me why cannot be a after heard about that..I changed my favorite jobs..

And now.. after I've been spending about 15 years studied everything about this world..from kinder garden, primary school, secondary school, matriculation, and even my degree..Finally, I become a 'programmer' my dream 'work place' a.k.a Mimos Berhad..although it is not listed in my dream jobs.. anyway, I still must go on and try to love it..and I have started to love it..(",)..And for those out there, and all my friends..I know, not everyone lucky, get their first job, with 'best' salary and love it..but trust me..someday, you all will get your dream job..Just for a while be patient and don't really demand when choosing a job..
Upper left : See my pc , actually brand is 'Dell' but Mimos still stick their name..hehe..xpnh dbuat org..
Upper right : Me with my cube..:-),..Lower left : My best colleague Jijie and Izan..Lower right : Mimos environment

Friday, November 20, 2009

Java Training-26oct-13nov

About 3 weeks, I've sent to go training at BuzzNet in Wisma Tun Sambanthan (WTS). All my colleague, about 14 of us came from Mimos. We have divided into two groups which was 10 or us training for Java(J2EE), and the rest training for .net.Everyday I've to take two train to come here, first from my house, Sri Petaling to Hang Tuah, and then I've to shift from Hang Tuah to monorail at Hang Tuah station to Maharajalela station.And then take a walked for about 5minutes to arrive at WTS. Everyday my class started from 8.30-5.30pm. My trainer that came from India , named-Mr.Govind..He was very helpful and kind.After leaving 'Java' for about one and half a year, it seems not really difficult for me to learn and catch up back on what  he had tough to us. His 'slang' in Indian was really strong and sometime make us laugh because of his slang, because of that, I become more understand and help me a lot in doing my project soon which is really use Java application especially on J2EE component which is JSP and webservice. I really have fun studying here. Last but not least, thanks to Mr.Govind..(",).and here I've wrote some of the words that keep on remind me about this training..

and = under;
println = printerlanout;
no = yenno;
i = eye;
area = yeyya;
PI = paiya;
AM = yayam;
PM = peyam;
s = yes;
client = klang;

#conclusion : if u heard about this words, u will understand their meaning..hope so..:-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Falling for you..

My Mr.EverDale has been searching 4 tis songs..he juz remember some of da lyric..sumting like tis la.."I think I'm falling 4 u..falling 4 u.."..but dunno da title of dat song..n asking I have ever heard bout dat song..n finally after searching bout 2 nites..I've found tis song..Here, this songs for you..(",)..

Colbie Caillat Falling For You lyrics

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better
I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me
I’m trying
Not to tell you

But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
Oh I just can’t take it
My heart is racing
The emotions keep spinning out
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
I can’t stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can’t hide it
I think I’m fallin’ for you (x2)
I’m fallin’ for you
Oh no no
Oh I’m fallin’ for you

Thursday, November 5, 2009

$hopaHolic$ or $hoeHolic$?..

Am I shopaholics or shoeholics?..urmm..last friday going out town..I juz bought new pants n shoe..last monday, after finish working, I juz hang out alone, while waiting 4 my b at the times square..then..I bought 2 pair of shoes n 1 n buy again n again..huhu.. I dont know, y I really luv 2 buy a shoes especially.. think all my frens already knew bout my 'spending habit'..luv 2 buy a shoes..but..I still cant avoid myself 2 buy a shoes..I've started 2 collect a shoes since I was study in far, I already hv about 100++ pair of shoes..I juz kept it at my hometown..actly, not all my shoe I bought by myself, sometimes my sis n my cousin gave it 2 me..Everyday I go 2 work or class, I will never wear da sme shoe dat I've wear yesterday..bcoz everyday I will wear different cloth so at da sme time I will wear shoe dat will match wit my cloth..So, juz I want 2 share some of info about shopaholic, I dont know really either I'm shopaholic or judge it..:-)
"Oniomania (from Greek onios = "for sale," mania = insanity) is a medical term for the compulsive desire to shop. Oniomania is the technical term for the compulsive desire to shop, more commonly referred to as compulsive shopping, compulsive buying, shopping addiction or shopaholism."(retrive from
Here a some signs of the obsessive shopper and tips on how to curb your spending sprees.
1) You spend more when you're emotional. Do you spend money when you're blue? Does buying new clothes make you feel better? If your answers to these questions are "yes," then you may have a spending problem. Much like people who eat when they're upset, those who spend when they're feeling down are at risk for larger issues. Try to consider a less costly way to deal with your feelings like going for a run, taking a yoga class to decompress, or writing in a journal.
2) Your spending habits result in added stress. Often when a shopaholic goes on a binge, the results are more costly than he or she expected. With excessive spending comes debt; and with debt, comes phone calls from debtors, lowered credit scores, and in extreme cases, bankruptcy. If your spending habits result in temporary happiness only to be overcome by financial stress, you may have a problem limiting your spending.

3) You're a compulsive spender. There's a big difference between going to the store and buying one DVD and buying ten. Compulsive spenders do not know how to set limits or differentiate between necessity and desire. These kinds of spenders buy on impulse instead of reason. If you find yourself buying the first thing that you see, then you may be a compulsive spender. Ask yourself if you really need that shirt or if it's just love at first sight. Try walking away without buying it, and if in a few days, you still want it, then go back to the store.

4) You're constantly making excuses. "I just had to buy that." "I couldn't live without it." "It wasn't that expensive." If you need to justify your unnecessary purchases with excuses such as these, you may be a shopaholic. Like other damaging habits, excessive spending can inspire guilt and false reasoning. Pay attention to the reasons and excuses for your purchases. Think about how justifiable they are—you may be surprised at your realization.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


30 oct..blik kje je, tros nek train g plaza rakyat..cri tket nk ke jb..1st time kot g jb srg2 , mlm plak 2..smpai2 je nseb de tiket..bus kul 7pm..tup tap tup tap..kul 11 lbh kot dh smpai terminal larkin..msti krg trtnye2 npe kte beriye2 nk g jb ni..hehe..sbnrnye, misi utama adalah nk attend wed along a.k.a abg kpd Mr.Everdale saye le kn, yang bertemakan color gold..n misi keduanye, alang2 dh smpai..nk knl2 le ngan sedare mare n family Mr.Everdale jgk le far..spnjg d jb, mmg besh..ngan family Mr.Everdale pon ceria2 belaka..hehe..conclusion nye mmg enjoy n best le spnjg dcner..walaupon pnt cket le kn , xckup tdo..n lg best dpt tmn Mr.Everdale blik ke kl..sme2..(",)..n last but not least masih blom terlewat nk wish 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' kpd kak arin n along..cao cin cau..:-p

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Convocation Ceremony..

21 oct 2009, berlaku 1 event yg sgt besh n 1st time dlm hdp ini, my 1st convocation day..perasaan excited gak sbb xpnh lg kn..n lg2 dpt convo skali ngan my beloved..:-)..besh2..mlm 2 mak n abh smpai dr ipoh, n stay umh abg kt damansara..kte plak tggu abes kje..then mlm 2 abg dtg amik kte kt VK ni..pg2 esk nye kui 5am dh mangun awai gler..huhu..sbb tkot jam n jauh gak kalo dr dmsara nk ke s.alam...nk xnk kne mngun gak..siap2..dlm kui 5.30 btui2 bru grk..then smpai s.alam dlm kui 6.10 kot..g bekpes jap kt Barra..hehe..lme xmam kt cni..then bru le msok uitm..tup tap tup tap...dh settle naek stage amik sjil n jmpe kwn..kuar2 je dr dsb..rmei gler org..mngalahkn sure heboh lg..huhu..cmne nk amik gambo ni..then pkai je cmera sape2..posing2..dlm tgh2 pns2 2..then jmpe parents Mr.EverDale..mmg cam besh..ceria n spoting..:-)..then ktorg pon grk blik dlm kui bpe ntah..sbb time 2 mmg dh crowded sgt ngan graduan dr sesi ptg lg..ok..2 je yg nk cter pngalaman convo kte yg 1st ni..n hope soon dpt convo..4 my master..InsyaAllah..n 2 all my friends..Hope can still keep in touch n hope sume dpt kje n success in evrything you guys do..n to my parents..thanx 4 everythings..Love both of you..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 1st Anniversary..

Actly, dh lepas pon..last week..15 oct..pejam celik pejam celik dh 1thn ma..Alhmdulillah..hope kekal sampai ku mnutup mate..(",) Mr.EverDale..thanx sbb sabar melayan kerenah ku ini..thanx sbb mnjadi pndgr setia..thanx coz take care of me..thanx 4 everything..n thank you for loving me..urmm. nk djadikan cerita..on dat day..15Oct, was my 1st day working at Mimos..mmg xdpt nk spent time le..blik2 umh je pnt..cian die..xpe,..hehe..sbnrnye ktorg dh celeb awai cket..xg mne pon, just kuar g hang out 2gether..juz rse cm lme je xjln sme2..almaklum le..jauh..utara selatan..I juz bought him red Everlast shirt..really fit wit him..:-)..n he bought 4 me bracelet 925..I love it..thanx Mr.EverDale..:-)..juz want 2 dedicated tis 2 him..

Friday, October 16, 2009

1st day work..

Finally i already hired by Mimos..ske2..:-)..setelah 6x p interview..1st day kje, xde kje sgt..sbb desktop pon xdpt lg..juz sign agreement n&assign supervisor with different programming language based on our strength..coz i'm the only 1 AI student, thus i'm different from others..kne wat project by using JAVA n CLIPS..jdi bhn experiment jap..kalo okie..go on..kalo x, leh tukar..ikot kesesuaian sindri..awal2 g kje mmg xde umh..dok mnumpang umh org lg..naik segan sih..dkt 2-3 ari cri rmh or room dkt2 area bkt jalil..finally, dpt le blek kt area bkt jalil..xpe la..desperate sgt..jnji dkt ngan train..snng cket..2 je la nk cter serba sdikit..c u all next week..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

cerita minggu lepas..

Ahad lepas..stat kte gerak ke kl..huhu..sbb isnin kununnye dh nk stat training kje kt financial i've been informed, position as IT cstmer service..but..stlh mghadiri training 4 3 days, cm kne tpu gak r..position 2 bkn le spt yg dberitahu..actly kje kne cri client utk investment..huhu..n xde basic salary pon..juz based on client..kalo xdpt client..xde gji le..dtg training 2 ari je..pas 2 xdtg dh..nseb x sign cntrct lg...n thanx kt haizi sgt, sbb bg tmpg stay umh dkt 3 ari..then pas 2 tros blik epoh..then..ari khmis nye dpt call dr UiTM Perak..utk interview jdi lcturer CS..excited gak le..sbbmmg nk sgt jdi lcturer..tis becomin monday intrview..hope kalo de rezki, dpt le..ari khmis ptg 2 jgk MIMOS call lg pggil interview next sat..huhu..2 2 tmpt yg pggl ni mmg mnjdi idaman kte dr dlu lg..kalo bley mmg nk kje kt MIMOS gak, sbb da 1st intrview wit MIMOS dh lepas, ni 2nd intrview plak..Alhmdullillah..doa2kn le kte cpt dpt kje..walaupon da 1st kje yg dpt 2 xmnjdi..hrp2 yg len ni bakal mmbuahkn hasil..:-)..wish me luck..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Selamat Hari Raye..:-)

Hari ni, masok le raye yg ke-5..1st raye dok kt umh je tggu bebdk dtg beraye, then petang nye g beraye umh member2 sekolah rendah..then raye ke-2 grk g s.petani..stay cner smpai raye ke -4..arini pon, dok umh je tggu org dtg..urmm..raye kli ni, cam beser je..xsebesh cm time kecik2 dlu..sbb dh beso kn..dh jdi makcik pon..n next wek pon dh nk stat kejer..huhu..hope dpt adapt le..n dkesempatan ni, nk wish Selamat Hari Raye Aidilfitri kepada semua yg mengenali diri ni..mintak halalkn mkn n minom..n nk mintak ampon dr hujung rambot ke hujung kaki..hope dpt jumpe sume konvo 21 oct ni..mish u all...daaa..

ku pohon restu ayah dan bonda

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan is coming..

Dh lme kot..xupdate i come again 2 update Chantique..hehe..nk cter kt cni, last2 month..xde pe nk cter..juz da usuall habit..everyday..basuh kain, sidai kain, kms umh, msk..hehe..n kalo de kls driving, g kls ..kalo xde dok umh je, sbb umh tgh renovate..ssh cket nk tggl..tkot org len msok umh..n skrg dh nseb dh de laptop bwu..spect agak besh jgk n umo die bru sminggu 6 hari..hehe..masih lg bayi..hehe..nme die acer aspire 4736G..besh2..color dark blue..n lg besh..kt umh ni bwu msok streamyx..:-)...n pejam celik pejam celik dh nk msok bln poser..mayb tis saturday kot poser..n nnti nk raye plak..pas2 nk konvo lg..ha..1 lg nk cter..kte dh ptg rmbut..hehe..pic xbley diupload dcni ats sbb2 yg trtntu..krg bygkn je my face wit new hair..pendek tkt bahu..hehe..besh2..xyah ikat rmbut lg....n skrg ni, ntah le..still xdpt2 lg kje..interbiu dh byk gak r p..last p interview ngan TM, kalo dpt le , contract about 1 year 4 their new broadband..which is call High Speed BroadBand -HSBB..interview ok gak le..kalo de naseb dpt le..n i b4 dat dpt interview ngan MIMOS..urmm..tgk nseb..n dats all 4 now..n here I wanna wish Slamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa d Bulan Ramadhan yg bakal menjelma..poser jgn xposer(",)
From the inside..hehe..
From the top view
Model : ACER 4736G, Processor : Intel Core2 Duo T6500 2.1Ghz(800MHz/2M), RAM : 4GB DDR2 800Mhz Dual Channel, HDD : 320GB SATA HDD, Optical : Dual Layer DVD -/+ RW, Webcam : 1.3 Megapixel, Wifi/Bluetooth : Yes, Graphic : Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 105M 512MB, O/S : Genuine Vista Premium, Screen : 14.1" HD Acer CineCrystal LED LCD

Saturday, June 27, 2009

~~ 1st week in epoh~~

Grk blik Ipoh ari2 ari sab2 kot..rase sedey gler2 le..huhu..blik naik bus ngan mate dh bengkak dh..idung dh merah..ape laa masha nie..dh cm bdk2..meraung2..xtentu psl..sbnrnye mmg sedey sgt..sbb nk tinggal mmber2, n yg plg sedey nk tinggal my beloved one..huhu..dh le nk brpisah lame pas nie..xpe2..sabo2 masha..nnti msg2..k..huhu..

Berbalik kepada tajuk utama spt diats, dsbbkn dh stay kt umah ni...nmpknye..ssh r nk online slalu cm dlu2..1st kt umh, time ni le nk kampui tdoq..dlu time class 3p ari2 mangun awai kn..hehe..kt rmh ley tdo sepuas2nye..hehe..blik umh blek dh cm tongkang pecah..ari ahad 2 1 whole day kms blik..akhirnye, bru le slese nk tdo..then..ari isnin plak..mangun2 pg..sume dh xde..parents g kje, adik2 sume g skolah..dok le srg kt umah ngan Si Lembik..aka my cat yg gumuks n mls n lembik..sbb dh gemuk sgt smpai nk mangun pon mls..xpe la..aslkn die bhgie hehe..

Hari slase interbiu SPA..1st time r interbiu dgn jwtn Peg.teknologi Maklumat..cuak gler..mangun awai..n xde r dtg awai sgt sbb jln jam ngan Kecik aka my bro lmbt plak nk cari bju utk dpkai utk pegi ke driving test saye pon trlmbt le xlmbt sgt..hehe..smpai pd wak2 nye..
then dftr da 2nd person..lg cuak..huhu..dh le dtg sesrg..xpe2 masha..bace doa byk2..n ni antara soklan yg diorg tnye kt kte :

* ape mksud CGPA..--> so my answer : C : cumulative, G : gred, P: not really sure, n A is average..(dlm ati ntah le..xtau le kte jwb btui ke x)huhu..
* ape mksud Raja Berperlembagaan...dlm ati, amende le kte nk jwb nie.huhu..jwb je..)senyum dlu..raje berperlembagaan..bermaksud raja berkuasa penuh dlm hal ehwal agama islam n bla...hentam saja la dol..
* kalo nk wat sistem ape step2 yg brape fasa?.;ni pon goreng jgk ingt le cket2..jwb je..jgn tinggal hehe..
* ape beza data n maklumat?..(apekah?..huhu..jwb jgk data ialah data yg belom dproses tp kalo maklumat ialah data yg dh dproses)huhu..
Lg 2 ape eh..xingt dh ape yg die tnye..Pas2 blik le ngn muke tersenyum..kol abah dlu ckp dh settle, then kol bb, pas2 akak plak kol..sumernye alhamdullillah..brjln ngan lancar..then..da day after like usuall..dok umh, wat2 kje umh..jdi suri rmh tngga separuh mase..hehe..main msk2 srg kt umh..mkn pon srg2..huhu..sedey plak..dlu ari2 mkn ngan bb..
n esk..ahd..nk g besh friend's wedding..dh nk kawen pon sal nie..2 je la nk cter psl tis 1st wek at week nk amik lesen..wee...(^_^) 
tdo je kje die..mkn tdo..Zzzzzzzzzzz..

2 dia..tgk die tdoq..dh cm org dh..
kucengku yg lembik..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~~ \(^_^)/~~

Pejam celik pejam celik, dh nk tinggalkn UiTM yg kusyg..\(",)/..almost 3years blaja kt cnie, cm2 hlgn, cabaran, suka, duka, n pengalaman yg plg xdpt lupe..Really sad..huhu..:-(..dh nk tinggalkn korang2 sume..n kte nk mintak maap le bebyk kalo spnjg kte jdi kls rep krg..kte de mnyusahkn krg..n mintak halalkn le mkn or minum n pa pe jela..5sem dok kt mawar, 1sem dok kt melati..n 3p at seroja..Terima kaseh le bebyk kt lecturer AI, 4 all the knowledge yg kte dh dpt spjg blaja kt FTMSK@FSKM ni ...n UiTM ni, sbb bg stay kolej..walaupon ssh gak nk dpt..lg2 mawar 2..n sejak dr ari isnin lg, dh stat counting by day..sedey sgt..nk tggl..smbdy..n evrybody...nanges je kje..ngan emosi pon unstable smjk 2 mnjk ni..huhu..mayb sbb hormon progestron mule mnmbh..tmbh plak ngan exam2 yg telah n bakal kte hadapi esk..Alhamdullillah..2 2 exam Microsoft b4 tis kte lulus..syukur sgt2..n result final sem n fyp pun Alhamdullillah..lulus gak..n congrats 2 all my friends yg lulus with flying colors of result..n hope will c u all soon when we grad on this coming November yea..(^_^)..Miss u all..n ni de special lgu utk sumer..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

~~ Owh..Ikan keli ku..~~

Dalam byk2 ikan, ikan yg plg kte ske mkn?.. mustile ikan keli, bebaru ni..kte de trbce brite (kosmo, 19 mei 2009).. psl ikan keli yg diternak kt Perak..Di 'airi' dgn air kumbahan dr kandang babi yg brdekatan dgn kolam ternakan ikan keli trsebut..sgt frust gler le..ikan keli ku syg..dh xdpt mkn lg..huhu..Menurut owner kolam ikan keli 2, bley plak die ckp, jgn risau..ikan keli ni x dipasarkn kt Perak, tp..akan dipasarkan di luar Perak..So..maknenye..kte yg stay kt Shah Alam nie, kebarangkalian akan 'trmkn' ikan keli 2 adelah sgt tinggi..huhu..trpkse le 'brpuasa' dr mkn ikan keli yg dijual kt kedai2 mkn nie..sedey btol..ade ke patot owner kolam 2 ckp cm2..ley plak die bwt cool je,.xrase brdose ke bg org mkn ikan keli HaRaM die 2, tau le die org cine, consider le cket org melayu nie..dh ikan keli pon rmei yg mkn melayu jgk kn..sgt xthn..sjk stat kls 3p ari 2 till 2day..almost 3weeks gak le dh xmkn ikan keli..slalu kalo time lunch 2, kalo nmpak ikan keli msk smbl..trliur je..huhu..trpkse thn diyakini oleh Mr.EverDale + plak ngan tingin sgt nk mam ikan keli msk smbl nie..smlm..finally, kte mkn gak ikan keli 2..xkire dh le..sbb, yakin..ngan kedai Ummi..kt sect,7 tu..sbb die kdai melayu..msti die amik ikan keli pon dr org melayu..walaupon b4 ni sgt ckp kalo was2 jgn mkn, skrg xwas2 dh..sbb dh yakin..(^_^)...yakin boleh..

Huhu..finally mkn gak ikan keli smbal yg sodap ni..(",)

Friday, June 5, 2009

~~Smlm & arini yg besh(",)~~

Dh lame bebenor le, since bz ngan fyp tis sem n study n etc..bla2..xtgk mubie n spent time n shpping wit ngn, smlm..akhirnye..setelah dipujuk2 Bkt Tinggi ktorg g..walaupon pnt n ngntok ngan seharian dok kt lab wat exercise n blajo smpai mate pon dh blur2..still grk gak..sbb tkot pas ni dh bz ngn exam Microsoft plak kn..Esk dh le Mr.EverDale ni kn exam 1st paper die..wish him luck :-)...

Cter psl smlm, g tgk mubie Terminator 4 @ Terminator Salvation(T4),.ngn jln nk g Klang 2 jam gler+pns plak ptg2..cian Mr.EverDale, drive..asyik2 tkn clutch, lenguh kaki die, nk tlg drive,xde lesen le pulok..huhu..xdapet le den nk nolong nye...nk cter cket psl cter T4 nie,.cter die agak besh le beser, msti de terminator baek tlg si John Connor 2..kali nie Terminator 2,mmg cm org..dh le macho plak, name die Marcus Wright..syg btoil..die mati..huhu..bak kate Mr.EverDale..dlm 1 cter xleh de 2 hero, slh srg msti, Terminator 2 pon sacrifice diri die utk slmtkn John Connor..mmg besh le..ngan effect machine n envrnmnt dlm cter 2..
Kunun nye zaman pengakhiran dunia dh sampai le..xley blah..machine yg cntrol human..human plak dh nk pupus..ape daa..but at least, bler tgk cter nie, dh tau le ending finally cter Terminator nie cmne..kalo krg dh tgk cter Terminator 1-3 yg b4 tis..mayb krg akn lebey phm lg cter T4 nie kot..Then after abes tgk mubie, ktorg pon jln2 le..xtau nk bli pe pon..Mr.EverDale nmpk cm pnt sgt, then die pon rest jap le..dok kt kerusi, tke a nap..ape lg, kte pon mnyusup le..Actly, nk cri pezen utk xtau time bler nk p bli..xde mase..Kte pon, g la cri pe yg ptot..Finally, stlh brlegar2..kt watson..kte pon bli le 1 set Adidas Limited Edition nye perfume, deodorant..1 set sume le..ok la kn..xtau nk bli pe daa..pas 2. sorok cpt2 dlm bag..tkot Mr.EverDale nmpk nnti..then ktorg pon trus le S.A..
Arini plak, pas abes kls lg..g Bkt.Raja plak..sbnrnye dr smlm lg tingin (bkn tingin, tp mngade2) nk mam Pizza..huhu..bru je last wekend mam kn,nk mam lg..ape daa masha..nk jgk nk jgk..then, pas jln2 kt Jusco, berkenan le ngn 1 cardigan..murah le sesgt..the tros rembat 1..pas2, tros g Pizza ..mam..hehe..besh2..dpt crdigan..dpt pizza..(^_^)..kne blik awal sbb esk Mr.EverDale de exam..then xstudy lg..cian plak kt die..asyik spent time ngn kte can le die study kn..2 Mr.EverDale.."Gud luck b, esk wat lek lok k..bace doa dlu..jgn jwb hentam2 je.."

kt Bkt.tinggi..geram btoil tgk belon nir..byk2..

Posing dlu, sblom mam..hoho..
Ehem2..jom balik daa..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~~ Besday Abah yg ke 55~~

Last weekend blik epoh..huhu, lame btol x blik xpuas blik sbb naek bus ari sb2, ari ahd dh nk blik s.alam..wuteva pon, dpt gak le jmpe ank2 buahku yg comey2 blake..dh pandai ckp..mgalahkan org tuwe dh..:-)..Actually, blik ni pon sbb nk celeb besday abah..kakak yg beria2 suh blik, kne le blik jgk..mlm 2, 30/10..celeb kt umh je pon..abg ipar sponsor choc cake..akak bli pezen t-shirt, opah kasi 1 set bju mlyu skali ngn kpiah..n kte kasi..ehem2..rahsia..(",)..smbut simple2 je kt umh..juadah mlm 2, cake+pizza+satay..mlm 2, mmg byk gler le kte mam..huhu..besh2..lame xspent time cmnie ngan fam..walaupon akak, abg n kechik xde mish dat moment,.xtau pas nie bler lg dpt spent time lg cmni.. ngan bz study, n cm2 lg r..wuteva pon,.Just wanna wish 2 my beloved Daddycool, Happy Birthday for the 55th years old and hope Abah will always good in health and happy always..Luv u..Abh n Mak(^_^)..Thanx 4 everything..

Kek Besday Abah..

Abah tgh bkak pezen dr opah..
With my sis, n parents..Nyum2..mkn dlu..(",)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~~My cute little nephew n nieces~~

4 all information, wo de xiongdi jeimei(btol ke eja nie..hehe) a.k.a adik beradik le senang ckp, sume ade 7 org, include me..1st kakakku yg kelakau cket, 2nd abgku yg perasan ensem, 3rd kakakku lg, yg understanding n caring, n 4th kte le..n bwh kte 3 musketeers (bro2)..Tp, bkn nk cter psl diorg nie sumer, tp okie..arini nk cter psl anak2 buah ku yg comei2..belake..(^_^)..dsbbkn kte de 2 org kakak, n mknenye cpt le dpt ank buah..kakak 1st dh de 2 org ank, 2 2 putera..yg abg die ni name die Syed Muhd.Daniel..pggil Boboy..umo 7 thn kot..hehe..yg petah brckp..n nakal sgt..n yg adik die plak name Syed Muhd. Danish..pggil Baby..umo 5thn..yg puteh comei n grg cket..ske pukul abg die..nk jdi gangster kecik r nie..kakak 2nd kte plak pon de 2 org ank, 2 2 puteri le pulok..yg kakak die name Nur Asyiqin..pggl kakak Ekin..umo 4thn kot..petah brckp jgk..mnje org nye..n ske mnjerit kalo mintak "YuYu" a.k.a "Susu" le..hehe..n yg adik die nie, lg comei cm muke Nur Alleya..pggl baby Leya..umo bru sthn lbh kot..hehe..lupe le..n last kte blik epoh dlu, die bru pandai merangkak, mintak2 kte blik nnti die dh pandai jln le plk kn..Ank2 buah sume pggl kte 'Makcik Sara'..huhu..rindu sgt kt diorg..lame xjumpe..\(^_^)/..lg2 Baby n Boboy 2..n 2 je la ank sedare yg kte de..n ade lg, tp ank sepupu kte..xyh cter kt cni kot..n kt bwh nie, de cket pic2 diorg..
Hye, sy Baby Danish..(^_^)..dh beso pon pggl baby lg..
Boboy n Baby..

Baby leya n akak Ekin

Hye name sy baby Leya

Monday, May 25, 2009

@}--}-- 23rd May --{--{@

23 birthday of someone that is really special 2 me..My Mr.EverDale..but I'm quite sad..sbb..time2 ni le kering..huhu..
xdpt nk bli pezen kt Mr.EverDale..nk blnje mam pon xdpt..huhu..utang pezen dlu..wuteva pon..besh, dpt spent time n celebrate ala sgt sdhana ngan Mr.EverDale..sempat bli kek sptg je n skpg kad..ssh nk g bli sbb, everytime ngan die je..smlm trpkse bwt trick cket..(sowie b, sbb trpkse tgu lme, smpai eskrim jdi cair), dpt le sy mmbli kad scara curik2..hehe..n cian plak kt Mr.EverDale sbb mlm besday die..3 org je wish..huhu..mmber2 die sume lupe kot..ape daa..walaupon Mr.EverDale xbape yg sbg tukang tulis blog nie yg terase..sedey gak kn..wuteva pon..besday Mr.EverDale kli ni dpt byk gler chocolate(ps: jgn mkn coklat byk2, nnti saket gigi..n bg kt sy cket tau..hehe)..n lastly juz wanna wish "Happy Birthday.. 24 years old.. 2 My b, hope our relationship will everlasting forever..Happy being with u..wo hen ai ni..wo hen xiang ni..(^_^).

coklat manyak..huhu..nk cket..

Besday card n slice of BlackForest cake

Mauu cket?..
Shengri Kuaile Mr.EverDale..(^_^)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mari kite mengenal hantu..

1. Hantu Raya – Berasal dari Tanah Melayu. Dipercayai terkorban di dalam satu kemalangan jalan raya, sebaik saja keluar dari Pudu Raya untuk pulang berhari raya…kegemarannya mencuri kuih kuih raya. Tempatmenginapnya disyaki di balai – balai raya.

2. Hantu Langsuir – Dikenal pasti berasal dari Tanah Seberang.Ceritanya bermula di suatu pagi raya bila seorang suri rumah sedang memasang langsir lalu terjatuh dari tingkap, terus mati. Selepas itu, dia selaludatang menjeguk langsirnya. Hobinya bermain aumm cak di tepi langsir.

3. Hantu Stokin – Berasal dari kawasan perindustrian Shah Alam. Merupakan seorang taukeh stokin yang berjaya sehingga lupa rumah tangga. Hidupnya asyik dengan stokin. Tidur stokin, makan stokin, minum stokin sehinggalah kawan kawan menggelarnya Hantu Stokin.

4. Hantu Jerangkung – Di percayai berasal dari Tanah Besar China. Ia bekerja sebagai penjerang kangkung di sebuah restoran. Hari hari kerjanya jerang kangkung dalam sebuah periuk besar. Satu hari seorang kawanmenyergahnya dari belakang, kerana terlalu terkejut ia jatuh dalam periuk itu. Perkataan akhirnya ialah ‘jerang… ..kung’, jadilah Hantu Jerangkung. Hobinya mencangkung dan tempat tinggalnya dalam almari, sebab tu le ada lagu ‘Jerangkung Dalam Almari’.

5. Hantu Pontianak – Disyaki berasal dari India . Seorang lelaki, Mr. Ponti mendapat seorang anak perempuan yang sangat hodoh. Orang kampung selalu menyindir anak ponti ini. Ponti punya anak – Ponti punya anak -Ponti punya anak. Ponti sangat malu dan mengurung anaknya. Selepas 5 tahun, anaknya keluar dari rumah dan terkejutlah seorang nenek, Oi! Pontianak … Lekatlah nama pontianak .

6. Hantu Penanggal – Seorang ibu tiri yang kejam, hobinya menanggalkan kain anak tirinya selain kain lakinya. Dah terbiasa dia rasa seronok pulak. Dia melebarkan hobinya dengan menanggalkan kain orang orang kampung. Hebohlah satu kampung ‘Lari..lari… ..Penanggal’. Bila dia melihat sesuatu yang menarik seperti kurap, panau, kayap dan anu… ..dia pun mengilai semahunya.

7. Hantu Pocong – Berasal dari Puchong. Nama sebenarnya Amat Garpu Bin Mat Sudu. Dia ni suka sangat menipu, senang cerita… kaki cong le. Bila dia mati terlompat lompatlah dia, nak pergi cong orang. Pucong! Pucong!

8. Hantu Kom-Kom – Berasal dari Hantu Komputer, macam korang yang suka main Komputer surf internat sampai 24jam hingga tak ingat dunia ..disebabkan suka main komputer hingga mati pun depan komputer,komputer, komputer… akhir sekali di sebutlah hantu Kom-KOM..shortcut dari Komputer jadi ler KOM.. sahaja… samala macam korangggg!!!!

hehehe… ..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microsoft Cert-ASP.Net 2008..

Location : Lab Algebraic, level 10, FEE
Trainer : Mr. Brian Lee

Almost 3 days, I've attended this far so good, but a little bit slow in doing the exercise..
Luckily, i have friend that can help me,.thank 2 epul..sit next 2 me..Mr.Brian also really helpful, but he quite fast in giving explanation..With my classmates that almost all girls and only 4 guys..(Epul, k.nadia, k.kuzurina, dona, ea and k.zura)..Everyday, about 2-3 exercise we have 2 be done..Firstly, i thought this class r really tough, but..I think this class is really free, n not 2 strict la..we can on9..doing exercise..go 2 break (3 times)..Besh..(^_^)..x boring le..But, really cold...huhu..I hope i and all of my friends can fully attend this class and will pass with flying of colors..Get Microsoft Certificate..with Bill Gates autograph..(^_^)..

My Final Year Project presentation..

Archetypal Mask Identification by Using Backpropagation Neural Network..
For my 3rd of FYP title n finally..At the end..successfully done it with a lot of efford n help from all of my friends and lecturers especially to emy-sbb bg pinjam laptop, to My B-sbb bg pinjam laptop gak, to Mr.Razif- sbb bg idea ttg tjuk ni 'Perfect Face', n to my supervisor Dr.-sbb bg byk cdgn n pndgan..Walaupon, wat kje ngan xde laptop..agak menyusahkan diri ini..huhu..seksa gler..Alhamdulillah, dpt jgk siapkn..n kt cni kte de included skli semua2 yg brkaitan ngan kje2 kte n on da presentation day..Agak lame gak le xtulis blog nie..sbln skali kot..haha..nie blog utk bln 5 kot..hehe..k la..enjoy it..daa...

My FYP Brochure juz black n white-simple

My FYP Poster-purple n a little crowded i think..

On 11 Mei, My B tgh present-Wedding Recommender System..Dtg melawat die jap..tgh explain kt Pn.Mimi psl system die..

Ni die diba, pic ko..hehe..

On 12 mei, presentation bored..naseb b dtg teman jap..

My friends yg dtg mlwt my booth..

Dats all bout my FYP n i hope i , my b and all my friends will grade with flying colors of result..I hope so..and to all who want 2 know either your face is perfect or not, juz came n see me..(^_^)

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