Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A love post to My Mr Syahrul

"Hehe..Besday Boy"..dari semalam la Masha dok ckp mende ni je..suke..smbil cubit pipi dia dengan dimple dia...hubby jawab.."Esok la besday"..xpe , tapi masha smlm ntah berapa kali dok ckp "Happy Birthday b, luv u".."Tq Syg..." jawabnya, simple je, tapi penuh bermakna..tapi semalam, tak dapat tunggu sampai pukul 12, hubby dah tetidur kat hall..letih dan kenyang sangat agaknya..takpe la, kesian tengok dia..tidur..malas nak kacau..dah habis tengok tv, Masha kejutkan dia masuk tidur dalam bilik..before tidur, wish lagi " Happy Birthday b.."..

Masha plan macam2 nak buat time birthday, tapi semua tak jadi..:-(..dah le ada test malam ni..kalo xde test memang nak ponteng je kelas..nk celebrate together2..present dah beli awal bulan lagi,.beli cepat2, takot kering di pertengahan bulan ini..hehe..Apa2 pon, Masha sangat bahagia dan bersyukur dapat hidup bersama Mr. Syahrul sehingga ke hari ini dan selamanya insyaAllah..Entry ini special untuk b..

Dear My Hubby, Mr Syahrul...
A man that is full with love and loved.

I pray with full of sense thanksgiving in Allah, because giving time for me to know meaning of love from a man and Allah, appreciate extraordinary sacrifice that spark off realization and give me time to stamp as cool as love snow.

For my beloved husband, my prayer I specific point to you. A moment when I bow that long, I pray so that your life in blessing of God. May Allah lengthening your age, given a clean bill of health and good fortune that is full blessing.

I pray, let only the best occurring in our life, world and eternity together we groping full of thanksgiving. My hope and dream, so that I were capable of doing you to smile everyday and laugh our moment together with pass over age. May Allah give me strength to supply calm in your heart although when comes our living moment in throw wave.

Thank you Allah because You make him for me.
Thank you b, because present of you in my life now make my life complete.
Love you till the end..

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