Monday, March 9, 2009

Matlab... Spoiled!!..:-(

Date : 7th March 2009-Saturday
Time : 08:55am

On that morning, I've received sms from the trainer -Mr.M..., he wrote 2 me:

Forward : Excuse me morning my hard disk crashed all gone trying to find backup copy if you don't mind we can have next Saturday

After i read that sms, i became really miserable+down+sad..i didn't know..How am i supposed 2 do?.. then, after  that i received sms from azmer, he asked me whether this program is go on or not bcoz he already at Lab 5..but nobody there..So, I finally..started my walk-alone-to the faculty..On the way to the Lab 5,.i keep on thinking,.:-(..huhu..Only Allah knew what i feel on dat time..seem wanna cry..

When i entered Lab 5, about 20 persons  already attend..I straight away went 2 azmer..n show to him sms from Mr.M..He also really shocked and quickly calmed me..bcoz on  that time, i already cried..we started discuss n think how 2 solved this problem..I've tried so many times to call Mr.M..but the operator keep answering..then Azmer tried 2 call pn.mimi, en.razif  and many times..then pn.mimi n pn.zaidah tried to help me, by trying to contact all ex-seniors and other lecturers, to be replacement..All my friends, keep asking me what happen..Finally, en.razif answering..he willingly 2 become 'Bidan Terjun'..I felt really 'lega'..huhu..

At about 11.00 am, en.razif started teach i compiled all what he had taught us -Intro. about MATLAB, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox -by using Sugeno n Mamdani style, Neural Network Toolbox - perceptron and BPNN n finally Image processing Toolbox -convert image to gray scale then to binary..n etc,.At 1.00 pm, we break for lunch and solat..When i reached the place where our food were provided, I become really frustrated once again..u know why?..our lunch today-menu-Chicken rice had all gone..finished!!..clean  and know who was eating our lunch?, ..but i think i knew who..i guess.. module's students ate our lunch..then i straight away went 2 CS2, then i took back their lunch to replace our lunch..Although, their lunch was not really 'sedap', want or not..we still have 2 eat right that about 4.15pm, our Matlab Training today ends..

So,..that were all about my MATLAB..spoiled!!..Although, my planning program was not going really well..Alhamdulillah, praise and thank to Allah because gave me a strength to face this kind of situation..I also, would like to give my gratitude to all my friends for the supports n cooperation especially to emy, azmer, diba, n Mr.EverDale..without you all, i think, i want 2 jump..huhu..n last but not least, my appreciation also goes to en.Razif,pn.Norzaidah,n pn. Shamimi..

Naseb ade Fahim, trlupe skjp mslah..(^_^)..geram bdk nie..


  1. ala...kesinanyeh masha..sabaq la na..nak macam mane..sedih untuk kamu..huk2

  2. huhu.alhamdulilah.tiap yg trjd psti ad hkmah least 4 next time kite tau cne nk handle prob yg trjd exactly cmni.n masha.u realy did a great job!cgratz my dear! =)


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