Friday, March 20, 2009

Tired + Sleepy..

Alkisah, semenjak 2menjak 3 menjak nie, huhu..penat xtrkata..Sejak, submission of FYP is juz around da corner..huhu..triple extra works to be done..juz 4 my FYP..slalu tdo r xpnh ckup..xpe2..lg 2 bln je masha..relax2..huhu..nk sdpkn ati..cpt2 le abes..xthn da..huhu..lg 41 days je kalo xslp..nk submit report..progress?..urmm..dlm 50% nk buat..project pon nk wat mlm smlm pon tdo 2jam je..aih..rabak mate..jgn manje kn bdn nie sgt..kje byk xsettle lg kot..huhu..xpe r..
gotta go..=p


  1. heeh.masha.jiayou2!i will support u k!bashak!dis sem je.t dh hbs sem ni dh leh relax.tdo pn xr 2jam je kn~ =)


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