Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microsoft Cert-ASP.Net 2008..

Location : Lab Algebraic, level 10, FEE
Trainer : Mr. Brian Lee

Almost 3 days, I've attended this far so good, but a little bit slow in doing the exercise..
Luckily, i have friend that can help me,.thank 2 epul..sit next 2 me..Mr.Brian also really helpful, but he quite fast in giving explanation..With my classmates that almost all girls and only 4 guys..(Epul, k.nadia, k.kuzurina, dona, ea and k.zura)..Everyday, about 2-3 exercise we have 2 be done..Firstly, i thought this class r really tough, but..I think this class is really free, n not 2 strict la..we can on9..doing exercise..go 2 break (3 times)..Besh..(^_^)..x boring le..But, really cold...huhu..I hope i and all of my friends can fully attend this class and will pass with flying of colors..Get Microsoft Certificate..with Bill Gates autograph..(^_^)..


  1. eheh.jiayou masha!heeh.masha dh pindah blk lum?huu.

  2. blom le..esk cnfirm le..blik kls je pnt..tdo..wekend ni dh stay klej le kot..


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