Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Final Year Project presentation..

Archetypal Mask Identification by Using Backpropagation Neural Network..
For my 3rd of FYP title n finally..At the end..successfully done it with a lot of efford n help from all of my friends and lecturers especially to emy-sbb bg pinjam laptop, to My B-sbb bg pinjam laptop gak, to Mr.Razif- sbb bg idea ttg tjuk ni 'Perfect Face', n to my supervisor Dr.-sbb bg byk cdgn n pndgan..Walaupon, wat kje ngan xde laptop..agak menyusahkan diri ini..huhu..seksa gler..Alhamdulillah, dpt jgk siapkn..n kt cni kte de included skli semua2 yg brkaitan ngan kje2 kte n on da presentation day..Agak lame gak le xtulis blog nie..sbln skali kot..haha..nie blog utk bln 5 kot..hehe..k la..enjoy it..daa...

My FYP Brochure juz black n white-simple

My FYP Poster-purple n a little crowded i think..

On 11 Mei, My B tgh present-Wedding Recommender System..Dtg melawat die jap..tgh explain kt Pn.Mimi psl system die..

Ni die diba, pic ko..hehe..

On 12 mei, presentation bored..naseb b dtg teman jap..

My friends yg dtg mlwt my booth..

Dats all bout my FYP n i hope i , my b and all my friends will grade with flying colors of result..I hope so..and to all who want 2 know either your face is perfect or not, juz came n see me..(^_^)


  1. eheh.amy dh tau muka amy yg round shape nih xd mknanye perfect face~ =)

  2. alala..emy..muke masha pon bknnye perfect pon..xperfect pon org syg gak..juz b chill k babe..(^_^)


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