Friday, November 20, 2009

Java Training-26oct-13nov

About 3 weeks, I've sent to go training at BuzzNet in Wisma Tun Sambanthan (WTS). All my colleague, about 14 of us came from Mimos. We have divided into two groups which was 10 or us training for Java(J2EE), and the rest training for .net.Everyday I've to take two train to come here, first from my house, Sri Petaling to Hang Tuah, and then I've to shift from Hang Tuah to monorail at Hang Tuah station to Maharajalela station.And then take a walked for about 5minutes to arrive at WTS. Everyday my class started from 8.30-5.30pm. My trainer that came from India , named-Mr.Govind..He was very helpful and kind.After leaving 'Java' for about one and half a year, it seems not really difficult for me to learn and catch up back on what  he had tough to us. His 'slang' in Indian was really strong and sometime make us laugh because of his slang, because of that, I become more understand and help me a lot in doing my project soon which is really use Java application especially on J2EE component which is JSP and webservice. I really have fun studying here. Last but not least, thanks to Mr.Govind..(",).and here I've wrote some of the words that keep on remind me about this training..

and = under;
println = printerlanout;
no = yenno;
i = eye;
area = yeyya;
PI = paiya;
AM = yayam;
PM = peyam;
s = yes;
client = klang;

#conclusion : if u heard about this words, u will understand their meaning..hope so..:-)


  1. hahahha!! masha!! blajaq menda baru nih..

    anyway, tahniah2 dapat keja MIMOS.. semoga rezeki makin bertambah2..

  2. thanx wani..wani pon, slamat mghadapi alam pekerjaan..

  3. hehe.masha.jiayou!beshnye dh keje kn.huhu.wah!xsbr nk keje! :D


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