Friday, December 4, 2009


Its been a while, since my last post.Actually, I have started busy with my job regarding about my current project that's actually have slow the progress because its near to end of year 2009..But I've be given a task to upgrade for a new version of my project that is 'I2P' where I also don't know the meaning of it..and I have to add a web service security to that project..some sort of coding..although I hate programming..but I still cant run from it because it is my capabilities, my degree..but I really thankful to Allah because of my praying everyday and never give up..finally I got this job and I've started to love it..(",)..for your dream occupation/jobs since I was in primary school were 1) Doctor 2)Lawyer 3)Architect..Every year when my teacher ask me what is my occupation , I will answer all of this three answer..hehe..I know, we still young at that time and all we know only those famous jobs..But, when I entered the secondary school, my ustazah ask me what is my occupation, I'm still answer that three jobs that I loved so much..and then my ustazah said that not good to be a lawyer..and she explained to me why cannot be a after heard about that..I changed my favorite jobs..

And now.. after I've been spending about 15 years studied everything about this world..from kinder garden, primary school, secondary school, matriculation, and even my degree..Finally, I become a 'programmer' my dream 'work place' a.k.a Mimos Berhad..although it is not listed in my dream jobs.. anyway, I still must go on and try to love it..and I have started to love it..(",)..And for those out there, and all my friends..I know, not everyone lucky, get their first job, with 'best' salary and love it..but trust me..someday, you all will get your dream job..Just for a while be patient and don't really demand when choosing a job..
Upper left : See my pc , actually brand is 'Dell' but Mimos still stick their name..hehe..xpnh dbuat org..
Upper right : Me with my cube..:-),..Lower left : My best colleague Jijie and Izan..Lower right : Mimos environment


  1. saya setuju ape yg masha ckp :)
    cume lambat dan cepat je rezeki kite tu kan..huhu..go for it!!
    keje rajin2..t kawen jgn lupe jemput..heheh :D


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