Friday, October 16, 2009

1st day work..

Finally i already hired by Mimos..ske2..:-)..setelah 6x p interview..1st day kje, xde kje sgt..sbb desktop pon xdpt lg..juz sign agreement n&assign supervisor with different programming language based on our strength..coz i'm the only 1 AI student, thus i'm different from others..kne wat project by using JAVA n CLIPS..jdi bhn experiment jap..kalo okie..go on..kalo x, leh tukar..ikot kesesuaian sindri..awal2 g kje mmg xde umh..dok mnumpang umh org lg..naik segan sih..dkt 2-3 ari cri rmh or room dkt2 area bkt jalil..finally, dpt le blek kt area bkt jalil..xpe la..desperate sgt..jnji dkt ngan train..snng cket..2 je la nk cter serba sdikit..c u all next week..

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