Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My 1st Anniversary..

Actly, dh lepas pon..last week..15 oct..pejam celik pejam celik dh 1thn ma..Alhmdulillah..hope kekal sampai ku mnutup mate..(",)..hehe..to Mr.EverDale..thanx sbb sabar melayan kerenah ku ini..thanx sbb mnjadi pndgr setia..thanx coz take care of me..thanx 4 everything..n thank you for loving me..urmm. nk djadikan cerita..on dat day..15Oct, was my 1st day working at Mimos..mmg xdpt nk spent time le..blik2 umh je pnt..cian die..xpe,..hehe..sbnrnye ktorg dh celeb awai cket..xg mne pon, just kuar g hang out 2gether..juz rse cm lme je xjln sme2..almaklum le..jauh..utara selatan..I juz bought him red Everlast shirt..really fit wit him..:-)..n he bought 4 me bracelet 925..I love it..thanx Mr.EverDale..:-)..juz want 2 dedicated tis 2 him..

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