Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Convocation Ceremony..

21 oct 2009, berlaku 1 event yg sgt besh n 1st time dlm hdp ini, my 1st convocation day..perasaan excited gak sbb xpnh lg kn..n lg2 dpt convo skali ngan my beloved..:-)..besh2..mlm 2 mak n abh smpai dr ipoh, n stay umh abg kt damansara..kte plak tggu abes kje..then mlm 2 abg dtg amik kte kt VK ni..pg2 esk nye kui 5am dh mangun awai gler..huhu..sbb tkot jam n jauh gak kalo dr dmsara nk ke s.alam...nk xnk kne mngun gak..siap2..dlm kui 5.30 btui2 bru grk..then smpai s.alam dlm kui 6.10 kot..g bekpes jap kt Barra..hehe..lme xmam kt cni..then bru le msok uitm..tup tap tup tap...dh settle naek stage amik sjil n jmpe kwn..kuar2 je dr dsb..rmei gler org..mngalahkn sure heboh lg..huhu..cmne nk amik gambo ni..then pkai je cmera sape2..posing2..dlm tgh2 pns2 2..then jmpe parents Mr.EverDale..mmg cam besh..ceria n spoting..:-)..then ktorg pon grk blik dlm kui bpe ntah..sbb time 2 mmg dh crowded sgt ngan graduan dr sesi ptg lg..ok..2 je yg nk cter pngalaman convo kte yg 1st ni..n hope soon dpt convo..4 my master..InsyaAllah..n 2 all my friends..Hope can still keep in touch n hope sume dpt kje n success in evrything you guys do..n to my parents..thanx 4 everythings..Love both of you..

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